There is no argument about the fact that there are some great gangster movies. This falls in line that there are also some great actors and actresses that have made these movies great based on their acting talent. There are many that could be mentioned but here are just a few that really stand out as the greats.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino doesn’t just stand out as being one of the great’s for one gangster movie but made some outstanding performances in movies like …

  • The Godfather
  • Carlito’s Way
  • Scarface

Robert De Niro

Most often when there is a new gangster movie on the horizon many hope that Robert will be playing a role in it. He has won the hearts of many in his portrayal as a gangster and stands out the most in….

Marlon Brando

When it comes to gangers and movies one of the first actors to come to mind is Marlon Brando. He made this claim to gangster fame in his outstanding role in the Godfather. He will forever be in the minds of those who adore the movie gangsters as Don Corleone, the one and only Godfather of the movies.

James Cagney

For the younger generation they may not even know who James Cagney is but if they happen to be movie buffs then this actor will stand out for them. He is best remembered for…

  • The Public Enemy
  • Angels With Dirty Faces
  • White Heat

To bring the acknowledge of the best gangsters in the movies added to the list should be….

  • Warren Beatty
  • Joe Pesci
  • James Gandofini
  • Frank Vincent
  • Joe Viterelli
  • James Caan

As the gangsters genre of movies continues with its same popularity there will not doubt be many upcoming stars that will reach their height of stardom as a result of the role of a gangster on the silver screen.