Gangster movies are ripe with gory, brutal and disturbing executions that are synonymous with the genre. We count down 10 scenes that are amongst the best movie deaths and mob kills to ever have lit up the silver screen. If there’s anything this list can teach you, it’s that you should be grateful that your name isn’t Sonny!

10: Tango’s death scene in American Gangster

When Bumpy Johnson died he left a blank space which Tango thought he could fill, but not without a challenger. Frank approached Tango in broad daylight on a busy street and blew his brains out.

9: Sonny’s death scene in Donnia Brasco

This classic basement power struggle scene is a poignant scene in Donnie Brasco.

8: Brett’s death scene in Pulp Fiction

Brett didn’t have a hope in hell once Marcellus set Jules on him. His interrogation was followed by an execution of biblical proportions.

7: Sonny’s death scene in A Bronx Tale

A tragic and intensely ironic death scene that felt so terribly unfair.

6: Fredo’s death scene in The Godfather Part 2

Proof once again that blood is not always thicker than water, Fredo’s hit was the work of his brother Michael, who ambushed him and took him out behind a shed.

5: Nicky’s death scene in Casino

Who can forgot the brutal scene where Nicky’s fate saw him being beaten savagely with baseball bats, and then buried alive in a corn field?

4: Billy’s death scene in The Departed

Billy’s assassination was as sudden as it was unexpected – Billy never saw what hit him.

3: Al Capone’s baseball bat demonstration in The Untouchables

Al Capone knew how to send an unforgettable message when he took out one of his drones, in a display of dissatisfaction and intimidation.

2: Billy’s death scene in Goodfellas

If Billy’s time on the inside wasn’t tricky enough, evidently nothing could prepare him for what was waiting for him on the outside!

1: Sonny’s death scene in The Godfather

Don Barzini’s glorious defeat of Sonny was the result of an explosive shootout.