For decades, it has been an unwritten rule that anyone who considers themselves to be an appreciator of good films, especially in the gangster genre, to watch The Godfather – regularly! No matter how many times you have seen any of The Godfather films, you probably didn’t realise any of the following facts;

  • During filming of The Godfather, Al Ruddy (the producer) invited Joe Colombo, then the top dog at the Italian-American Civil Rights League, and a known mobster, to his office on the East Coast in an attempt to mediate conflict which was hampering the film’s progress. Colombo and his goons insisted that every single mention of the word ‘mafia’ be removed from the script, however they hadn’t gotten around to reading it and didn’t realise there was only one singular use of the word. It was, as per their demands, removed from the script.
  • Many fans may not be aware of the fact that Robert De Niro tried auditioning for a few of the roles in The Godfather, as well as Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty.
  • During filming, many members of the cast and crew were victims of vandalism, theft and threats of various forms. One creepy example was when Ali McGraw, the actress wife of Robert Evans, a Paramount executive, was the target of an anonymous threatening call which came through when she was checked into a New York hotel. They threateningly advised her that they didn’t want to break her “pretty face, or hurt her newborn.”
  • The famous scene in which Moe Greene is shot square through his eyeball was actually inspired by an event which happened in real life. This was how infamous gangster Bugsy Siegel died. The effect was achieved by rigging the actors spectacles with tubes which were concealed within his frames, containing air pressure and fake blood.