While most everyone conjures up their own thoughts as to what a gangster should look like they often put the emphasis on their features and rough tough looks. What goes into playing the part of a gangster has to be the way they dress. The following is what is to be considered as the best dressed gangsters in the movie world.

Daniel Craig

Daniel definitely stands out in his role in Layer Cake. While it may not have been the suit and tie look that has earned him a mention as one of the best dressed gangsters in the movie, he did look impressive. His garb consisted of a quality looking black leather jacket with a maroon lining, then a simple pair of bootcut jeans. Just enough of a hint of who he was and what he was to portray.

Al Pacino

Okay, it is true that Al didn’t outshine Marlon Brando in the Godfather but he did come darn close to it. He also when it came to being the best dressed took the lead. Very seldom was he seen not being in an impressive made to fit dress suit no matter what the action at the time may be.

Denzel Washington

Denzel is so impressive in no matter what kind of role he is playing, what he is wearing really doesn’t matter. However, his attire in American Gangster did receive some well-earned comments for being one of the best dressed gangsters. He played the part of Frank Lucas and his beige suits that fit him impeccably added to the credibility of his role.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks really does deserve a mention of being a classy dresser and this can be supported in his role as Michael Sullivan in Road to Perdition.

Topping the list to 10 of the best dressed gangsters of the movies would mean including not only more of the modern but some of the classics….

  • Sterling Hayden
  • Caesar Enrico Bandello
  • James Cagney
  • Robert Deniro
  • Marlon Brando
  • Samuel L. Jackson