For those that are into gangster movies, there is a double thrill that comes with them when they involve a casino. The following highlights a few of these types of movies that brought a great deal of entertainment to the gangster movie buffs.


This one was a big hit at the box office as a Martin Scorsese film. Even though it took place in a Casino setting it was jammed packed with the excitement and intrigue that revolves around a gangster role. What really stepped it up a notch was that it was based on a real story. The mobsters in this movie were played by Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci.

Casino Royale

The plot for this one is really intriguing because it involves terrorists, a gangster and a casino. Mads

Mikkelsen plays the role of being a top-notch poker player who owes a wack of money to the terrorists. To get the money Le Chiffre (Mads) gets into a high-stakes poker game to get the money he needs. The good guy Daniel Craig took on the role of Mr. Bond to make sure that Le Chiffre was not going to be successful.


A simple character Jack Manfred (played by Clive Owen) takes on a job as a croupier in the casino to help boost his income to pad his writing career. Not long after he gets drawn into becoming part of a casino heist thanks to the alluring of a woman who he has fallen head over heels for.

These are three that are most noted for the way that the world of gangster and casinos can be intertwined. While they may not be totally based on all blood and guts which is often prominent in the mob world movies it does show the sophisticated side of the world of gangsters.